Acrylic Bongs

Acrylic Bongs are not only the little sisters of glass bongs but high quality pipes of long duration and a great smoking performance. Bongs made of acrylic are easy to clean and are available in any style ranging from no-frills basic bongs to elaborate luxury bongs. If you are looking for a straight bong or for a bended pipe, with or without ice compartment or with more than one bowl: Here you can find a small selection of our stock of acrylic pipes.

Mini Acrylic Bongs

Looking for a smart accessory for traveling, camping or open air concerts? The baby versions of acrylic bongs are made for being a perfect companion for every kind of outdoor action.

Small Acrylic Bongs

The next Step! A little bit taller then the minis, but also suitable for outdoor action and with a plus of volume. Of course, bongs of that size are perfect for home use too.

Acrylic Bongs by Bam Bam Bhole

Bam Bam Bhole is one of the best known producers of acrylic pipes from Germany. In our Bam Bam Bhole section we have pipes of that brand in various styles and many sizes. Take a look!

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