Ceramic Bongs

If you're out for extraordinary design and a handcrafted piece of art then this is the place for you! Ceramic bongs are easy to use and to clean and made from one of the oldest and most natural material known. On top of that, they are great collectibles since these pipes are offered in an overwhelming range of different styles and shapes!

Classic ceramic bongs

You need a bong looking like a vase to deceive your mother? Just take off the downpipe of this ceramic pipe and it'll look absolutely inconspicuous.

Ceramic Beastie Bongs

Beware of the beast. Some ceramic bongs are styled like wild animals and seem to radiate raw power and danger. But these bongs will be domesticated by their masters too.


Holland bongs are made of ceramic and sometimes of glass, but always have the same design which made holland bongs outstanding compared to other pipes.