Drug Test Stripes THC/Cannabis

In some respect, drug test stripes for public use have some kind of bad reputation. One think about hysterical parents who wants to supervise their nearly grown up children, others about nasty superiors rather and the possibility to loose a job. But, beside these annoying features, there are some good points.

First of all, you will need a cannabis test stripe if you want to check your ability to drive a car. Or - maybe you were busted by cops already and committed to a proof for your driving suitability. In that case, it would not do any good, if you turn up intoxicated. Better you do the check first and the go to the authorities for - in some countries at least - official drug tests are more than only expensive and you dont want to pay some hundred bucks for no avail.

Drug test stripes are pretty cheap and easy to obtain. Some do the job for only one kind of drug like cannabis, heroin, cocaine test stripes, MDMA or methamphetamin, others work for more than only one and are - therefore - called "Multi-Test".

The majority of stripes are made for urin checking. There are also tests for hairs and blood available, but these would be much more complicated to use and, moreover, would cause some time of waiting as it would require an external laboratory service. Standard urin test stripes are easy to use and best practise for a fast application.