Glass Bongs

Glass Bongs are the first choice if you want to have a durable waterpipe which offers an excellent smoking performance. Glass bongs are made from high quality glass in many variations: bongs with ice twist, with diffusors or perculators, sorted by brand names and sizes and with exactly that volume that fits your smoking habits. Take a look at some pictures below or click on one of the images on the right to enter the shop.

High class glass bongs

Some glass bongs are made for eternity and could be some kind of cultural heritage for generations if you take care of it. Not as cheap as plain ones but worth every cent.

Perculator Glassbongs

You want the max of smooth smoking? Perculator Bongs are a good choice, offer best cooling effects and are available in many different versions in all sizes. Not to talk about the freaky style of such glass bongs.

Equipment for glass bongs

Bongs made of glass can be equpped with many different systems of bowls and downpipes, pre-coolers and diffusors and of course with various kinds of screens. Want more? Ashtrays, brushes and cleansers are necessary too if you want to treat your pipe the right way.