Digital Scales

If you need to weigh small quantities or tiny objects with the utmost precision, then digital scales are your number one choice! These scales convince even with larger and heavier objects. But it's not only their accuracy that makes the digital scales so popular, they are also easy to handle and availaible in a large variety of sizes, so you can just store them in your pocket and always have them ready wherever you go.

Capacity of digital scales

Keep your requirements in mind regarding the capacity of the digital scale. If you want to measure e.g sugar for cooking, a scale with a capacity of 50g wouldn't do in most cases. Better you choose a digital scale with 100g, 200g or more. Some scales can weigh up to 5kg or more.

Accuracy of digital scales

The other thing you have to pay attention to is a reasonable accuracy of the scale. Imagine you want to weigh some expensive stuff like precious metal or rare spices. An approximate value wouldn't be very satisfying. Most digital scales have an accuracy of 0.1g or 0.01g which is absolutely sufficient in most cases.