Vaporizer - let steam do the job!

We all agree, that smoking is by far not the healthiest way to consume herbs (not to mention tobacco). It is much better to renounce smoke at all and rely on a better method... use steam!

vaporite vaporizer
Most critical substances, that makes smoking so dangerous, are caused by the process of burning. A vaporizer does not provide the heat of glow, but will solve the desired ingredients in a much softer way at lower temperatures. Primarily, vaporizers were developed for medical purposes like the treating of asthma, but in recent years many smokers, who desire to quit their bad habit, alter to this style of consume in order to have a comparable method for substitution.

Simple Vaporizer

The most easiest way to evaporate herbs or oils (some vaporizers are also capable to work with fluids for e.g aromatherapy) are little glass pipes, that are heated from below wit the help of a lighter or candle. Sometimes, even light bulbs are used to work as a vaporizer. But, this style is not recommendable for more than maybe the first glance on the matter. To evaporate herbs, it is important to have exact temperature. That is more than an open flame could provide. Still, you will burn the herbs in some way and still it is more smoking the steaming.

Handheld Vaporizer

Of course, a pipe is made for your hands too. But the term does more relate to full-scale devices only distinguish from medical vaporizer by size... and sometimes by the method of heating. Many of these suitable steamers work with butan gas than with electricity. That is good, if you are far from any power supply, but bad because you should have a bottle of gas in your pocket. Fortunately, there are some modern handheld vaporizer, which offer the possiblity to work with a rechargeable battery pack. But still, most of these smallies lacks the possiblity to fix the temperature.


We saw, manuell or handheld vaporizer do a good job in some way, but let's have a look to the champions class.Electronic desktop vaporizer offer to set the temperature exactly to the very evaporation point of the herb you are going to evaporate. Moreover, most of these professional devices have some kind of display, that allows spot landing.